Andy Kostuch

Senior Director of Engineering, Eastern Region
Herndon, VA

Andy Kostuch has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics and Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin, with coursework and research activities focused on Structural Analysis, Computational Methods, and Test-Analysis Correlation. His industry experience has centered on Advanced Mechanical Analysis of Aerospace Systems for government and prime contractor clients. He has leveraged his experience over a broad range of applications including Spacecraft, Launch Vehicles, Aircraft, Opto-Mechanical systems, Wind Power systems, Theme Park attractions, Medical devices, and basic research. With Quartus since 2001, Andy opened Quartus’ first Eastern Region office in 2009 to support a growing local client base. As Director he manages a diverse, responsive, and experienced engineering staff committed to providing customer-focused Mechanical Engineering solutions.

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Andy Kostuch - Senior Director of Engineering, Eastern Region